Gregory Phillips is a Toronto-based designer and maker specializing in the hybridization of material arts with new media, including advanced computer-aided design, digital manufacturing, and data visualization. His process includes generative and parametric design; 3D printing in a varieety of materials and scales; and biomimetics. In addition to holding workshops and teaching 3D modeling and rapid prototyping at Durham College and OCADU, Phillips is active in ongoing research projects that exist at the intersection of science and art: Most recently he has worked with Francis LeBouthilier in developing surgical-grade, anatomically accurate 3D printed fetus models for high-risk, patient-specific in utero surgical training.

Spandrel Media: Advanced CAD / Prototyping / Consulting

Spandrel specializes in creative problem solving and collaboration between the realms of science and art.

In architecture, spandrel refers to a space between curved or rectilinear boundaries-- like the gaps between an arch and its outer frame, or the space between window frames on a building's facade; or even the space underneath a staircase. In all cases there is an association with decoration or embellishment, the spandrel being a site dense with creative expression. Like the fantastical drawings crammed into the margins of illuminated manuscripts, spandrels are leftover spaces: results of larger decisions made about the scale or configuration of the structure (as in the width of an archway or the diameter of a dome), rather than being deliberately planned. They are both contingent and accidental, playful and functional.

In biology, spandrel is “the concept of a nonadaptive architectural by-product of definite and necessary form – a structure of particular size and shape that then becomes available for later and secondary utility.” -- Stephen Jay Gould

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